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The Sexual Abuse Lady

Protecting Children by Educating Parents

Would you know if someone were molesting your child? Probably not.

Would your child tell you if they were being molested? Probably not.

This DVD is a MUST for every parent.

Child-focused offenders know all about children, but what do you know about child-focused offenders?

About the DVD Title: “Child Sexual Abuse - Recognizing, Responding, Reporting”

There are many barriers when it comes to dealing with child sexual abuse. One of these is the fact that children don’t tell their secret. If the child does decide to tell, he or she may not know what words to use, they might feel ashamed or embarrassed talking about body parts that are normally not talked about. That is why it is important to have the words “penis” and “vagina” become socially acceptable words. Children need to know the proper term for their body parts and they should feel comfortable talking about them. We can break down a major barrier in child sexual abuse if we make the words “penis” and “vagina” okay to say.

Purpose of the DVD:

Educate parents to recognize the signs of sexual abuse allowing early intervention, removing the advantage of the child focused offender who is in the 'circle of trust'.

Help parents understand the sexual abuse process, putting all the pieces together, making it easier for them to believe and protect.

Help people understand that sexual abuse is never the victim's fault.



In this DVD, Barbara will explain the following topics;


Reasons Why Children Don't Tell

Physical Indicators of Sexual Abuse

Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse

Behavioral Indicators of a Child Focused Offender

The Stages of Molestation

Responding to a Victim's Outcry

Reporting Child Abuse



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Here are some facts to keep in mind;

1 in 4 girls will be molested before turning 18.

1 in 6 boys will be molested before turning 18.

Most of the time children are molested by someone they know; approximately 30% are family members, and 60% are people within the circle of trust.

Children with disabilities are at higher risk than children without disabilities.

Many children will never tell anyone about their abuse.

Most adults, including educated professionals, know very little about child sexual abuse.

Don’t wait until sexual abuse happens, order the DVD today.

Education is the ONLY way to combat child sexual abuse.


Reviews of the DVD:


Every parent should hear the information that this video provides. The topics are short, to the point, and packed with vital information necessary to prevent and recognize sexual abuse. As a law-enforcement officer with more than 20 years experience and Chief of Police in Ganado, TX, I know that most children will not tell immediately when the abuse starts, and parents are usually the last to know. Child predators are master manipulates and they are usually someone you would never suspect. If everyone had the information contained in this video, we would have fewer victims of sexual abuse. I highly recommend that EVERY parent get this DVD! It's well worth the money and you can't put a price on your child's safety.

Rodney Roberson | Chief of Police - Ganado Texas


Very informative, a real eye-opener, would recommend to every parent!

Angela Franzen | Parent


This DVD is very interestering and informative. Barbara keeps your attention through the entire video. As a parent of two small boys, this DVD really opened my eyes and everyone should hear it.

April Machacek | Parent


Everybody needs to hear this! As a parent and a grandparent, this information is priceless. Everything Barbara talks about in this video is right on target. I have been in law-enforcement for more than 30 years and as a retired Sheriff of Jackson County, I know that most people are unaware of the signs of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can be prevented if you know what to watch for and this DVD will definitely teach you what you need to know.

Kelly Janica | Parent/Retired Sheriff


About the founder:

Barbara Marek became a licensed peace officer in 1985. She was promoted to Special Crimes Officer in 1989 specializing in the investigation of child sexual abuse cases.

Barbara Marek

In 1995, Barbara became a licensed instructor for law-enforcement and began teaching a 3-day child abuse course to law-enforcement officers at a local college.

In 1998, she was selected to co-train social workers for the state of Texas. Barbara was featured in the 1998 July issue of "Texas Woman" magazine, profiled as "Championing Children's Rights".

Barbara became an Advanced SAFVIC Instructor (Sexual Assault/Family Violence Investigator Course) in 2003, providing training for law-enforcement officers throughout the state. She teaches officers how to respond to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

After working so many cases of sexual abuse, she realized that many of the cases were “textbook”. She realized that if parents knew what she knew, they would be able to recognize the signs and prevent the abuse or at least, intervene early.

In an effort to prevent child sexual abuse, Barbara founded her own company, providing training for school counselors, nurses, social workers, juvenile probation officers, and several other groups. Her program was approved by five state agencies for continuing education, and she has been presenting it nationwide since 1999.

She has also presented at numerous conferences, bringing her expertise to a variety of audiences. On a local level, she volunteers to speak at schools, churches, and civic organizations.

Barbara’s goal is to help prevent child sexual abuse through education and awareness; protecting children by educating parents.

It takes TEAMWORK to fight Child Sexual Abuse

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