This was one of the most informative sessions I have ever attended. Providing the real-world scenarios that we educators often face, was so valuable. Ms. Marek has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it is a MUST that educators attend this training.

Gina Vilches, Principal – Goliad ISD (2022)

Very entertaining and informative presentation. No fluff, straight to the point. No dull moments. Real life situations that open the door to learn. Just a really good presentation of information for EVERYONE!

Travis Combs, Behavior Interventionist – Rice Consolidated (2022)

Wow. I wish I could have brought my entire school district. SO informative and helpful. I absolutely loved the real-life stories. Thank you!

Abigail Coates, Counselor – Bay City ISD (2022)

Barbara’s wealth of knowledge and expertise helped enlighten my experience with sexual abuse protocol.

Randy Ray, Assistant Principal – Dumas ISD (2022)

Outstanding training! All your experiences and stories kept it so interesting!

Theresa Solis, Secretary – Bloomington ISD (2022)

She very efficiently used our time and was prepared and pleasant. Thanks.

Deborah Dunham, Counselor – Hartley ISD (2022)

Awesome training. Every Admin. person should participate in this training. It is that good.

Shawn Hagel, Assistant Principal – Edna ISD (2022)

Very informative! Just what I needed due to my campus’ needs.

Satoya Dodd, Principal – Diboll ISD (2022)

This was amazing! All teachers, nurses, and school staff should attend.

Paige Tucker, RN – Canyon ISD (2022)

Thank you for being so clear with all your information. Very valuable information, it would be beneficial for more educators to hear this.

Sofia Lopez Galvan, Director of At-Risk & Responsive Services – Irving ISD (2022)

Great class. Highly recommended to the entire district.

Jacquelyn Johnson, RN – Timpson ISD (2022)

Excellent training!! This would be great to bring into the schools as part of Professional Development.

Denise Koenning Blanchard, Principal/LSSP – Banquete ISD (2018)

Instructor’s knowledge base and expertise helped demonstrate and teach the course content effectively.

Amanda R. Hernandez, Assistant Principal/Counselor – San Diego ISD (2018)

The instructor’s expertise gave me knowledge to spread awareness to my school district.

Sarah McCasland, Crisis Counselor – San Diego ISD (2018)

Instructor is very knowledgeable. Explains everything clearly.

Arnulfo Guerra, Assistant Principal – Brooks County ISD (2018)

Thank you – I look forward to promoting this workshop to our district.

Iris Chapa, Assistant Principal – Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center (2018)

Thank you for a great day. I learned so much and appreciate the book, resources and your presentation.

Melodie McClarren, Principal – Tuloso-Midway ISD (2018)

Loved this presentation. Such a difficult topic, but the information was presented in such a straight- forward manner. This presentation is a MUST for anyone working with children in any capacity!

Margarita Belmares, Counselor – Galveston ISD (2019)

Barbara: You are an excellent presenter. Your knowledge and experience bring so much to the topic. I was not expecting to enjoy this day, but I really have!

Anne Ontiveros, RN – Fort Bend ISD (2019)

Outstanding – very relevant, never boring. Presenter was obviously well trained, educated and passionate.

Katy Gibbs, Counselor – Alvin ISD (2019)

Very informative. Cleared a lot of misconceptions.

Lisa Leland, Assistant Principal – Galveston ISD (2019)

Personal stories are the best source for learning.

Mindy Peper, Assistant Principal – Waller ISD (2019)

Absolutely fabulous!! Thank you for your time and knowledge. I would love for you to present this to our teachers/administrators. I’ll speak to our Curriculum Superintendent. Thanks again!

Heather Herndon, RN/Teacher – Barbers Hill ISD (2019)


Sandy Rogers, RN – Barbers Hill ISD (2019)

This program increased my knowledge of reporting and state laws and the signs of sexual assault and sexual assaulters. I’m now investigating ways to increase my agencies effectiveness in recognizing and handling interactions for suspected abuse.

Chantee’ Hale, BSN, RN, Director of Student Health – Harmony Public Schools (2019)

I learned sooo much!! The speaker was knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I am very motivated and ready to help my students and train staff.

Angela Hopkins, Counselor – Spring Branch ISD (2019)

Wonderful training. Very informative. Highly recommended.

Melissa Knight, Principal – Harmony Public Schools (2019)

Ms. Marek is a great speaker; very knowledgeable and informative. This subject is a very tough topic to discuss in a public forum, but Ms. Marek made the discussion very interesting based on her own work experiences as an officer. This training was very eye opening and I learned more that I anticipated. I believe that every educator, administrator, counselor and nurse will benefit from this training.

Kathleen Boddie, RN – Lamar CISD (2019)

The instructor is experienced as a criminal investigator of sex crimes and this adds credibility to the training. The instructor is knowledgeable with history of real cases.

Barbara Hurd, RN – Harris County Department of Education (2019)

Excellent, very informative program.

Allison Jasso, Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling – Brazosport ISD (2019)

Excellent instructor – lots of good information with personal experience as an Investigator. Great job-thanks!

Deborah Kaspar, RN-Lead Nurse – Columbia-Brazoria ISD (2019)

Great training. I learned so much and will use it in my daily nursing services.

Dayna Gilliam, Rn – Brazosport ISD (2019)

Very informative. Instructor is very knowledgeable and shares information in a funny and interesting way.

Molly James, RN – Health Services Coordinator – Brazosport ISD (2019)

I work with teenagers. This gave me a child’s perspective. Very interesting and sad. Thank you for believing the children.

Melissa D. Watson, Deputy Director – Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (2016)

Great training. Thank you for the professionalism, excellent information and personal stories to make the topic relevant.

Cindy Martin, Counselor – La Porte ISD (2016)

A great deal of important information. I got a lot of valuable info out of this training.

Melissa Mansfield, Counselor – La Porte ISD (2016)

Great program! Very informative. Wish I would have had this info sooner.

Sherry Prince, RN, BSN – Houston ISD (2016)

Barbara, this was an outstanding training. I have never been to a training on this topic that was so informative. Questions were answered and participants were reassured. Thank you for everything!

Libby Probandt, Director of Counselors | San Angelo ISD (2017)

Mrs. Marek was phenomenal. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in presenting the information. The presentation was excellent in opening my eyes and bringing more awareness about sexual abuse and how to recognize, respond and report.

Bernardina Riojas, Counselor | San Angelo ISD (2017)

Great speaker! Awesome seminar!

Diane Aguilar, RN, Nurse Manager | San Angelo Health Department (2017)

I appreciate your knowledge on this subject. My eyes have been opened and my practice will be better because of it. Thank you for offering this course and providing CEs!

Sarah Alexander, School Nurse | San Angelo Health Department (2017)

This is still an amazing program. So much knowledge – everyone needs to be aware of. I learned even more today. Thank you

Kristy Torrez, LVN | San Angelo ISD (2017)

So informative and great experiences to share – fun sense of humor. Barbara is super knowledgeable and a great speaker.

Anne Hardegree – Assistant Principal, LPC | San Angelo ISD (2017)

Super! Very informative! Gave me a new way to look at things!

Melissa DeLaCruz, Social Worker | San Angelo ISD (2017)

This was extremely informative and my eyes were opened to so many indicators that I may have never noticed. Job well done!

Kimberly DelaRosa, LVN | San Angelo ISD (2017)

Fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable! Covered every aspect.

Dudra Butler, School Service Worker | San Angelo ISD (2017)

Great job! I wish our school district could hear it.

Kaci Murphy, Counselor | Anson ISD (2017)

Great information! I wish our whole district could attend this seminar.

Priscilla Cook, Counselor | Anson ISD (2017)

Very informative. Presentation was very engaging and Mrs. Marek presents in a way that makes the session comfortable and allows a willingness to be very receptive to a different topic. A definite training for all educators!

Mike Gil Nunez, Assistant Principal | Coleman ISD (2017)

I wish you could do training on our campuses in Abilene ISD. Thank you! Very good! It was a very good reminder to keep on taking care of our children.

Traci Wasmer, RN | Abilene ISD (2017)

I love that Barbara has all the years of experience because it makes her a very effective speaker – speaking from case histories. Her teaching method is so natural and keeps the interest of the audience.

Debra McCracken, RN, SANE | Abilene ISD (2017)

All public school employees should have opportunity to attend.

Karen Raborn, RN | Abilene ISD (2017)

Enjoyed this conference very much! Mrs. Marek is a great speaker. Very good and scary information. This is a conference that needs to be given in every school district and community.

Tanya Massey, LVN | Sweetwater ISD (2017)

So glad I came to this presentation. Great info, presented in an interesting way.

Shannon Deen, Counselor | Breckenridge ISD (2017)

As a State Trooper for 32 years, this is one of the most informative sexual abuse trainings I have ever been to. Now as an SRO, I have the information and training to correctly investigate sexual abuse cases involving children.

Jimmy Cook, School Resource Officer | Cross Plains ISD (2017)

Very informative, giving appropriate examples, held our attention very well.

Stan Levrets, Program Coordinator | Abilene ISD (2017)

Barbara was engaging, used real life stories to provide examples of what she was discussing, and responded well to questions and feedback.

Kim Styles, Mental Health Counselor | St. Vrain Valley School District (2016)

I really learned a lot from the examples and stories, thanks! Principals need to take this training! Great presentation/training – I would recommend this to anyone who works with children.

Lisa Cole, Mental Health Specialist | Poudre School District (2016)

Loved the stories – very interesting and engaging! Leaned a lot of practical information – how to recognize the signs of abuse and the signs of abusers.

Anne S. Millar, Counselor | Boulder Valley School District (2016)

Great presentation, very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to counselors, administrators, classified staff, police officers. Anyone can benefit from this training.

Rebecca Zahn, Interventionist (2016)

Very valuable learning experience.

Lisa Smith, C.A.P.S. Facilitator | Thomson Schools (2016)

In my opinion every person working with children should take this class – with the statistics of child sexual abuse, what they are – every one of us needs to know this information. Thank you for your dedication to children.

Stephanie Faren, Health and Wellness Coordinator | Boulder Valley School District (2016)

Barbara's seminar was insightful and well planned. She took the lid off what is usually a taboo subject and gave participants a complete overview of child abuse/child predator behaviors A-Z. She left no stone unturned. This should be a mandatory training for anyone working in education or law enforcement.

Julie Federico, Children's Services Author (2016)

This training should be mandatory for all teachers and staff involved in education.

Faith Plachy, Counselor | Magnolia ISD (2016)

This training needs to be heard by all educators in my district. You are a great presenter and your experience is captivating to learn from and to listen to. Continuing education and hearing about the laws and reporting rules/policies will definitely help me to continue helping and advocating for my students who need help.

Katy Pruitt, Counselor | Montgomery ISD (2016)

Very informative! I feel more confident handling these situations in my new job.

Jenifer West, Counselor | Crockett ISD (2016)

Texas Education Agency should require this training for all administrators.

Cade S. Reece, Director of Student Services | New Waverly ISD (2016)

Every person working with children should attend this seminar at least once. It really opens your eyes. Thank you!!

Linda Henning, R.N. | Sealy ISD (2016)

Great training!! Very informative!

Lindsey Pasqua, Counselor | Bryan ISD

Extremely informative!!

Leslie Ricks, Counselor | Corrigan-Camden ISD (2016)

Barbara was very knowledgeable, interesting and intriguing during her presentation. I walked away feeling ready, willing, able and empowered to advocate for children affected by or experiencing sexual abuse.

Holly Wyckoff, RN | Magnolia ISD (2016)

I thought it was an excellent program and should be made mandatory for all staff at schools.

Mary Cortez, HISD Nurse | Hearne ISD (2016)

Awesome training, will recommend it for our counselor meeting/staff development for Conroe ISD.

Cynthia Modique, Counselor | Conroe ISD (2016)

Wonderful training! Very informative.

Jodie Koehl, Counselor | Brenham ISD (2016)

Great presenter! Made a sensitive subject informative and not as uncomfortable as it could have been.

Melanie Conway, Counselor | Brenham ISD (2016)

This is still the best conference I’ve attended. The re-info makes one wake up. I teach little classes at lunch, one being manners of the heart, and I stress continually eye contact and hold your head up. I will continue. Thank you.

Karla Devin, Counselor | Caldwell ISD (2016)

Instructor was great, integrated stories into lecture which made interesting and eye opening.

Saundra Elliott, RN | Iola ISD (2016)

This was very informative- thanks for all the wonderful info.

Beth Wiggins, Counselor | Snook ISD (2016)

Phenomenal training! Thank you for educating us!

Sheri Strickland, Counselor | Magnolia ISD (2016)

All educators need to hear this presentation. Child sexual abuse is not something that the public is knowledgeable about. Society needs to be better educated about child sexual abuse and how to begin to stop the cycle. Barbara Marek is an amazing presenter that drives the point home. I highly recommend her seminar to all educators.

Laura Atkins, Teacher | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Detailed applicable information to keep our students safe.

Melissa Garess, Counselor | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Very informational. All Educators, Parents and other school stakeholders should receive this type of training.

Marc Keith, Assistant Superintendent, | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Very interesting and informative. Will recommend this to colleges.

Misti Montalvo, LVN | Silsbee ISD (2016)

This has been very informative and such an eye-opener. I believe all teachers/educators would benefit from this workshop.

Raina Nichols, Counselor | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Thank you for your passion and sharing this valuable information and advice.

Cynthia Smith, Counselor | Lumberton ISD (2016)

Very informative seminar! Instructor very effective in presenting such crucial information. Would recommend this seminar to many others – nurses, counselors, teachers and administrators.

Britni Hidalgo, RN |Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

This was a very informative and effective seminar. I learned strategies on how to identify sexual abuse and the dos and don’ts of talking to victims and reporting abuse.

Lauren Buckley, Counselor | Vidor ISD (2016)

Knowledgeable and passionate. Should be mandatory for all districts.

Luther J. Thompson, Principal | Port Arthur ISD (2016)

Very informative. Great insight and eye opening.

Staci Guarnere, RN | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Amazing, informative presentation. Everyone needs this training.

Kim Boutin, Counselor |Jasper ISD (2016)

This was very enlightening and I did not realize the extent of these horrible actions taken against innocent children and I vow to be the most active school nurse at passing your information on to my school.

Paula Fairchild, LVN | Sabine Pass ISD (2016)

Finally…a seminar with a presenter so knowledgeable, so real, so genuine!! Thank you.

Emily Faircloth, Counselor | Port Neches-Groves ISD (2016)

Very informative information. Loved Barbara’s enthusiasm and passion against sexual abuse.

Jaclyn Wrobleski, Counselor | Harris County Department of Education (2014)

Barbara Marek was an awesome presenter! She spoke very confidently and was very informative. By her examples shared throughout her presentation, the information on the slides made better sense. There was lots of information like the laws, that educators are unaware of. I strongly feel this type of program needs to be mandatory for all educators since we work with children.

Carmela Garcia | Counselor – Galena Park ISD (2014)

This program was so informative and interesting. A MUST see for all professionals working with children and teens. I highly recommend Barbara Marek’s seminar. As a registered nurse, this seminar has educated me and opened my eyes to things I didn’t know were so common.

Vicki McDade, RN, BSN | – Galena Park ISD (2014)

Excellent information and presentation. Speaker was extremely knowledgeable and provided real situations as examples. Very helpful!

Joan Martin, Coordinator | Teen Parenting Program – Klein ISD (2014)

Very informative! Relative information for what we deal with on an every-day basis! Easy instruction for a not-so-easy subject. Helps to build confidence in my professional dealings with sexual abuse awareness.

Kyla Sbrusch | RN – Needville ISD (2014)

The instructor was very informative as well as an inspiration to listen to.

Teresa McKenzie | Counselor – LaPorte ISD (2014)

Thank you for a wonderful session. Very informative and entertaining. Bless you for all you do for our children.

Lisa Herrera | REACH Coordinator – Texas City ISD (2014)

Barbara Marek made a tough subject manageable, and she is extremely knowledgeable. I would love to have her speak to TCISD staff.

Randa Gilbert | Intervention Specialist – Texas City ISD (2014)

Very informative! Mrs. Marek is a great speaker who explains and teaches to our understanding. This is an area not really touched in nursing school. I think it would be very beneficial to new nurses, especially coming out of the hospital setting for 8 years to the school setting. Is totally different and this is the first class I’ve had on this subject.

Courtney Yarbrough | RN – Huffman ISD (2014)

I had heard from a few people that this training was good. That is an understatement. This training was amazing! I definitely learned a lot. I feel better prepared to help the students in my school.

Charmel Anderson | RN – Alvin ISD (2014)

Extremely informative! Never realized how much I didn’t know.

Patricia Conejo | Lead Nurse – Goose Creek CISD – (2014)

Extremely informative! I’m sorry I didn’t attend this training sooner.

Audra Ramos | Counselor – Pasadena ISD (2014)

Your stories really brought life to the material. Easy to listen to and very informative! Thanks so much!

Karen Villavicencio | Counselor – Pasadena ISD (2014)

Instructor was thorough, phenomenal, and an awesome speaker. Her expertise was seen and clearly evident.

Dr. Carmela N. James | Counselor – Pasadena ISD (2014)

Very informational! Stories that were shared helped us grasp a better understanding of the information given. Would recommend for others to attend so that they can become aware of the importance of sexual abuse and how to help our children. We need to advocate for them.

Ilsa Garcia | Counselor – Pasadena ISD (2014)

This is such critical information to keep updated on and be informed about. Thank you!

Amy Crist | Counselor – Snyder ISD (04/29/14)

Thank you for being a child advocate! Your personal examples made this training so much more endurable on such an unpleasant topic.

Vicki Mayberry | Principal – Sweetwater ISD (04/29/14)

Very good. One of the best workshops I have been to. Would like to hear the speaker again. Very helpful. Thank you for coming to Abilene.

Greg O. Rake | Counselor – Abilene ISD (04/29/14)

Wonderful! Would definitely recommend to ALL educators!

Amy McIntire | Counselor – Anson ISD (04/29/14)

Wonderful presentation. Wish my whole school staff could attend.

Karen Raborn | RN – Abilene ISD (04/29/14)

This was very informative training. Education is empowering and is the first step to protecting our youth from molestation, as well as providing support to survivors.

Jeni Janek | Education Specialist/Counselor-ESC Region 12 (04/30/14)

This was an amazing conference with so much useful information. All school employees would benefit from this seminar.

Amanda Thompson | RN – Fairfield ISD (04/30/14)

Very helpful for us! She is awesome.

Jina Fuller | Counselor – Fairfield ISD (04/30/14)

This was a highly informative presentation. Thank you so much! I plan to share this information with co-workers and in-service.

Stephanie Zamora | Assistant Principal – McGregor ISD (04/30/14)

Excellent resource and wish all counties had her to reach out to. We need more folks with a passion about identifying and ending sexual abuse.

Sheri Zacharias | Principal – McGregor ISD (04/30/14)

She is an awesome presenter, very informative and keeps your interest. Provided a lot of great information. She talks to you on an appropriate level.

Tara L. England | RN – Belton ISD (04/30/14)

Thank you! You were a fantastic speaker and I hope that you continue informing people of this topic!!

Sherri Moody | RN – Moody ISD (04/30/14)

Anyone who works with children should be required to attend this presentation.

Katie Morton | RN-Richardson ISD- TX (7-17-10)

By no means a feel good conference, but one all school officials should attend. Barbara Marek is an excellent speaker.

Amy Schmidt | RN-Garland ISD – TX (7-17-10)

This program was wonderful! Barbara is a wonderful speaker. I think all school professionals should have to take this course.

Marcie Rumph | RN-Richardson ISD – TX (7-17-10)

The best and most well-presented program I have been to this year. This is often a confusing topic (and emotional)-I feel confident that when I have a situation I will be able to handle it and take care of my children at school.

Theresa Roberts | Nurse-Allen ISD – TX (7-17-10)

She was absolutely fantastic! Used relative examples to make her points. Very knowledgeable!

Sherri Johnson | RN-Richardson ISD – TX (7-17-10)

Barbara Marek is one of the best conference speakers I have ever heard. Her presentation, information and insight that I have not heard previously in a manner that was thorough, interesting, and humorous when appropriate.

Patricia Holcomb | TX (7-17-10)

One of the best workshops I have gone to.

Annette Hullum | Terrell ISD – TX (7-17-10)

Very good speaker with necessary and important information. Highly recommend this program!

Linda Blackington | RN - TX (7-17-10)

This is the 2nd time I’ve attended this great conference given by Barbara Marek. It was just as informative and enlightening the 2nd time around.

Janet Rambo | RN-RISD – TX (7-17-10)

I found this conference to be exceptional. The speaker was excellent and the content was exactly what a school nurse needs.

Kayla Fry | RN-Duncanville ISD – TX (7-17-10)

One of the best presentations I have had in my 20 yr. nursing career. Captivating, eye-opening and pertinent to school nursing.

Maureen Baxter | RN-Duncanville ISD – TX (7-17-10)

This was an excellent program in quality and uniqueness. Barbara Marek is providing a vital and creative contribution for Texas. In my entire career, this is the best presentation on child abuse I have ever heard.

Jo Ellen Bogert | RN, BS, Ed.D-Retired – TX (7-17-10)

The instructor was very, very knowledgeable of the topic, had a lot of experiences to share that kept my attention. I did NOT go to sleep!!! This was a great training. I will recommend that school administrators / teachers attend as well.

Shun J. Jackson | Social Worker – Pine Bluff School District, AR (01-28-10)

Very, very informative. I would recommend all school nurses attend this conference!

Shaunna Branc | RN – Benton County School of the Arts, AR (01-28-10)

Excellent seminar. Very informative. ALL of the information followed the criteria of my job indicators. Excellent, excellent seminar!

Angela Govan | School based Human Service Worker – North Little Rock School District/ DCFS, AR (01-28-10)

Barbara was / is awesome! The program was very informative!

Angie Benton | Counselor – Greenbrier Public Schools, AR (01-28-10)

Very instructional – anyone dealing with children should attend this.

Karla Reeves | School Nurse – McCrory Public Schools, AR (01-28-10)

Wonderful seminar! I would love to attend future seminars. Very easy to understand and great at explaining information that was presented.

Lauren Smith | LPN – Dumas School District, AR (01-28-10)

Wish we could put more info out and make more people aware.

Krystal Brannon | RN, BSN – Southside School District #3, AR (01-28-10)

Barbara Marek is extremely knowledgeable and presents specific, relevant information that is necessary to help providers and victims. I enjoyed it immensely! Very valuable training!

Abby McFadden Cate | Clinical Supervisor, Dayspring Behavioral Health Services, AR (01-28-10)

Awesome presentation! Every school employee should attend.

Leighan Johnson | RN – White County Central School, AR (01-28-10)

This was a wonderful seminar! Enjoyed every moment. The instructor, Barbara Marek, kept my attention throughout the entire session.

Brenda Buffalo | RN – Cabot Public Schools, AR (01-28-10)

Very good relevant information about signs of abuse and how important it is to report.

Mary Devanney | Counselor - Sweetwater ISD

Excellent program for school personnel, nurses, law enforcement or anyone who works with children.

Jamie Davis | Counselor - Haskell CISD

Excellent seminar! I feel more confident on this subject on how to respond.

Nellie Martin-Tillman | LPC - Hawley ISD

Extremely helpful information! Every school related employee should be required to have this training.

Joyce E. Hunt | Master Family Advocate - Abilene ISD

Wonderful seminar! Thanks for the great stories and giving us the basic facts of the law. I feel empowered by having more information about sexual abuse.

Robin Kidd | Counselor / Mental Health Coordinator - Abilene ISD

Thank you for bringing this information to me so that I am better equipped to help my students. You are a blessing!

Donna Schkade | Counselor - Albany ISD

Excellent presentation! A seminar everyone should attend to raise awareness and knowledge to protect our children. Very insightful! Very knowledgeable! Thanks!

Shonda Roberts | BSN-RN - Eastland ISD

This was great. I learned so much! Marvelous! Thank you.

Vicky Rister | Nurse - Merkel ISD (02/17/06)

Very informative! I learned a lot!"

Debbie Phillips | High School Counselor - Snyder ISD (02/17/06)

I have learned a great deal. Now I have answers for many of my questions.

Bonnie Willingham | Elementary Counselor - Abilene ISD (02/17/06)

Great information. Enjoyed class participation and questions. Enjoyed it.

Jan Comer | Counselor - Abilene ISD (02/17/06)

Complete "eye-opener" on the extent that sexual offenses happen to our children. I am much better prepared to recognize and handle these situations as a result of this training.

Traci Slaughter | Elementary Counselor - Winters ISD (01/30/06)

This was a wonderful workshop! I feel every teacher, administrator and all involved with children should be required to attend this workshop.

Michele P. Byrd | 9th grade Counselor - San Angelo ISD (01/30/06)

Great job! Great handouts-easy to understand and follow. Would be great as a requirement towards counseling licensure.

Mike A. Cruz | BCFS-Star Counselor - (01/30/06)

Well done, very interesting. Very enjoyable for such a sensitive subject.

Patricia Fecher | Counselor - San Angelo ISD (01/30/06)

Excellent. This training was very informative and I learned an awful lot of very helpful, valuable information.

Paula Jo Heath | School Nurse - Grape Creek ISD (01/30/06)

The presentation and information presented was wonderful. Super job! Thank you for bringing this to our attention-educating us will benefit others.

Paula Nordt | Counselor - Brazosport ISD (11/29/05)

Excellent, Excellent workshop. One of the best I've attended with valuable, useable information. Thanks!

Lou Bohot | Counselor - Brazosport ISD (11/29/05)

Extremely needed course for educators who deal with children every day. Excellent presentation.

Darla Fagan | Counselor - Brazosport ISD (11/29/05)

Great information which will be very useful to me as a counselor. ALL school personnel should hear this presentation. Totally kept my interest - great speaker, great advocate for children/young adults.

Rosamaria Flores | Counselor - Brazosport ISD (11/29/05)

Best seminar I've been to in a long time. Very passionate about her work. She's a great educator with the ability to disseminate information with enthusiasm, she's captivating and the information was enlightening.

Lossie M. Waddy | Counselor - Brazosport ISD (11/29/05)

This is information I needed years ago. This has been the best training I have had on child sexual abuse. Thank you seems too simple.

Stephanie Braddock | Counselor - Bushland ISD (09/27/05)

This info WAS WONDERFUL! I learned so much; from what to look for to how to respond to legal lines and terms. Great! Easy to listen to and learn from.

Dawn Pearson | Counselor - Bushland ISD (09/27/05)

OUTSTANDING! Very valuable information. All counselors and school officials should take this workshop. She defines clearly what to do and what has not been done concerning outcries and abuse.

Pam Welch | Counselor - Dumas ISD (09/27/05)

Very straight forward. ALL school employees should hear this information - should be required by State Legislature. Barbara is a remarkable speaker - very knowledgeable and shows great concern for victims of sexual abuse.

Linda Winegarner | School Nurse - Spearman ISD (09/27/05)

This was a great workshop...difficult material to deal with, but so necessary for us to hear to do our part to make this a better world for ALL our children.

Kathy Terry | R.N. School Nurse - Friona ISD (09/27/05)

Excellent presentation. Well organized and wonderfully presented. Enjoyable and informative. Such a valuable day!

Cheryl Upshaw | Counselor - Hart ISD (09/27/05)

THANK YOU! This was very informative! I knew the law but this gave me a better understanding of sexual abuse!

Hayley Christian | Counselor - Farwell ISD (09/27/05)

Excellent workshop - I fee that all school employees should attend.

Pat Sleeth | Coordinator Health Services/School Nurse Belton ISD (04/26/05)

The presentation was professionally presented and very effective. The presenter held the participants attention for the entire workshop.

Jack Henderson | Coordinator of Student Outreach - Waco ISD (04/26/05)

This should be REQUIRED "by law" for ALL people who work with children!!

Valeria Howard | School Nurse, Waco Alternative - Waco ISD (04/26/05)

Everyone and anyone involved with children in any manner should attend this seminar!

Jennifer Martinez | R.N., B.S.N. - McAllen ISD (04/04/05)

There was no way to have become sleepy after lunch! This presentation had too much great info and stats that are SO necessary to our jobs.

Deborah McKenna | Counselor - Hidalgo ISD (04/04/05)

AWESOME. This should be required for anyone who works with children.

Sue Fox | R.N. - McAllen ISD (04/04/05)

It was a great seminar and I strongly believe that it should be mandated that every educator go through this training. It was worth my time. Instructor was awesome.

Diana Garza | Counselor - Weslaco ISD - (04/04/05)

OUTSTANDING throughout! Excellent presenter / very informative.

Cheryl Fitzgibbons | Counselor - San Benito CISD (04/04/05)

I have been a counselor for three years now, I had never been to a workshop where I learned so much. I received a lot of valuable information. Thank-you!

Claudia Martinez | Counselor - Hidalgo ISD (04/04/05)

MANDATORY COURSE FOR ALL!!! Excellent information that needs to be shared with everyone due to the increase/rise in sexual predators.

Yolanda Martin Jones | R.N. - Galveston ISD (03/28/05)

I think every parent should be required to take this course. Instructor knows and does her job well. Very good talker - could listen to her anytime. Very interesting - didn't fall asleep, even after lunch.

Debbie Roy | R.N. - Galveston ISD (03/28/05)

Excellent presentation - learned so much! Thanks.

Lin Johnson | R.N. UTMB (03/28/05)

Loved it. So much info- very good-gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to address issue @ administrative level in our district. Barbara is great! Stays the course and is very interesting!

Sherry Sommer | Smart Choices Director - Karnes City ISD (11/15/04)

I am so glad I came to this. I would highly recommend this training to our entire school!)

Cindy Wisener | Counselor - Medina Valley ISD (11/15/04

This course is excellent. Excellent, dynamic course instructor.

Linda Dugie | R.N., BSN - East Central ISD (11/15/04)

I enjoyed this course so much. Barbara was a well educated speaker. This seminar exceeded all my expectations, as well as the speaker (Barbara). Thank you so much.

Norma J. Romero | LVN - Uvalde CISD (11/15/0)4

I really enjoyed the presentation. This training is definitely needed and should be required. This would be great for teachers.

Cristi Guzman | Counselor - Edgewood ISD (11/15/04)

I liked everything about this course. The information was presented in a very thorough way. The three "R"s program really expanded my knowledge on sexual abuse.

Margarita Galvan | Counselor - Eagle Pass ISD (11/15/04)

This course gave me such a wealth of information and answered questions and hearsay about what to do. I think all classroom teachers should take this!

Constance Kern | Classroom Teacher - Victoria ISD (9/29/04)

This course should be required of all people in the education business!

Patricia Huber | Counselor - Goliad ISD (9/29/04)

The course was extremely helpful to me as a nurse. Before today I was unaware of specific signs and behaviors to look for. Mrs. Marek was easy to follow and kept my attention. Very well done!

Jenny Wiegand | Nurse - Ganado ISD (9/29/04)

This course was so informative, not only as a teacher but also as a parent. The information I learned today I will use the rest of my life.

Melissa Elder | Paraprofessional - Victoria ISD (9/29/04)

Great! Needs to be heard by all!

LaWanda Mikulehka | At Risk Counselor - El Campo ISD (9/29/04)

Really opened my eyes. Excellent workshop. I agree....everyone in the school setting needs to have this awareness!"

Sara Schmermund | At Risk Counselor - El Campo ISD (9/29/04)

Great job! This is information of value to everyone interested in protecting our children.

Jeannie Seidel | Counselor - Cuero ISD (9/29/04)

Super program! I appreciated the honesty and willingness to discuss this issue so openly. Thank you!

Rhonda Huitt | Jr. High Counselor - Palacios ISD (9/29/04)

This was great! Definitely information that all teachers need to know.

Angela Wenglar | Teacher - Lamar CISD, (10/31/03)

This was the most informative staff development I have attended! Instructor is awesome! Very educated in the subject.

Janie Waddell | Counselor - Lamar CISD, (10/31/03)

Every person working in the school system should be required to go through this training!

Monica L. Cruz | Resource Aide - Lamar CISD, (02/06/04)

I certainly and strongly recommend this presentation be presented to teachers, administrators, and community.

Keta Solis | B/ESL Counselor - Lamar CISD, (10/31/03)

Very helpful! Useful information and clarified some questions for me. Should be required for principals, teachers, nurses.

Martha Ziegenhals | Counselor - Lamar CISD, (10/31/03)

Instructor is passionate about her career, which makes her presentation very powerful. Her message must be spread to educate as many as possible.

Sue Kriener | Title 1 Aide - Lamar CISD, (02/06/04)

I received so much information at today's training. ALL teachers, counselors, nurses, principals and anyone else who works with children should have this training.

Norma Vasquez | Counselor - Katy ISD

One of the best presentations I have attended. Lots of useable information. Great job! Kept my interest the entire day! Needs to be heard by all educators!

Brenda Westmoreland | Jr. High Counselor - Yoakum ISD, (01/30/03)

Everyone in education should be required to take this course! Presenter exceptionally knowledgeable and shared information in a well communicable fashion!

Mary Sue Garrison | Executive Director Secretary, Special Ed. Cooperative - DeWitt-Lavaca County, (01/30/03)

Excellent! One of the best training seminars I have ever attended!

Alane Haardt | Supervisor of Nurses - Lamar CISD

Should be presented to ALL teachers, nurses, counselors, etc. (mandatory!).

Nancy Anderson | R.N. - Gulf Coast Medical Center

The course was excellent and so was the instructor. Barbara was very knowledgeable of information and presented it in an interesting manner.

Annetta Quave | CASA Volunteer - Wharton County, (01/30/03)

I received so much valuable information in this seminar. Anyone who works with children should attend this seminar. It was well worth my time and money.

Pamela M. Bland | R.N. - Lamar CISD

All educators and social workers need to be made aware of this information presented.

Jeannie Seidel | Counselor - Yorktown ISD

Information was very valuable. I will definitely be recommending this to our teachers. Very well presented and instructor extremely knowledgeable.

Michelle Harper | School Nurse - Bay City ISD

I liked the way the course was presented. It was short, concise and to the point. The instructor was great! She was very knowledgeable and excellent at presenting the material.

Noel Kieler | Retired Teacher, Foster and Adoptive Parent

The whole thing was educational and interesting!!! Very Good!!!

Lee Anne Aluotto | MS, LCDC, LPC-I - Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Excellent presentation. Very educational. Highly recommended!!

Julia Worley | R.N. - Lamar CISD

EXCELLENT! All teachers need to hear this. Presenter is EXCELLENT! She is very much an expert on the material and made it interesting

Patty Janca | Counselor - Victoria ISD

I think ALL teachers should be required to take this as staff development. I also feel that this course should be given at schools at the beginning of each year for the entire staff!

Tina Hilsman | Counselor - Alief ISD

All school personnel should attend, very informative course.

Anna M. Mahan | Counselor - Victoria ISD

This is my second time taking this course. I wish more school employees would be given this course. Maybe if the School Board would attend this course, they would push (mandatory) to have the individual schools host an in-service. Once again, the instructor was great!

Gloria Madrid | Community Liaison - San Antonio ISD

This was the best in-service on this subject that I have ever had. More people should know this information.

Fern Miche`l | Counselor - Alief ISD

The course was just excellent. I've been a school nurse many years and today I was validated, had questions and concerns answered and learned new facts. Thank-you! This course must be seen be school employees and legislators.

Jackie Shobe | Health Director - East Central ISD

It takes TEAMWORK to prevent Child Sexual Abuse

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